MMS Services for Businesses

Use MMS to catch your customers’ attention, drive engagement, and boost sales.

How Do I Get Started with MMS Software?

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day Mobile Text Alerts trial account
  2. Add contacts (import, text in, QR code, etc)
  3. Upload your image file to your message & click send!

young man receiving an mms message from a shoe store

Benefits of MMS Software

Drive Up Sales

Drive Up Sales

Increase your SMS click-through rate and sales by showing stunning images to your customers.

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Familiarize your customers with your brand by adding your logo and other graphics in your text messages.

Connect With Customers

Connect With Customers

Peak your customers' interest with a picture message and encourage them to engage with you.

Best MMS Service for Driving Sales

Picture this: customers flocking in droves to purchase your product or service. They know what it is. They’ve seen it. They know how it will help them. And they want it!

Rather than that sinking, uncertain feeling in your gut when you do a promotion, you run a sale and boom! There people are - ready and willing to take advantage of what you have to offer.

Think that’s a pipe dream? For some businesses, it’s not!

MMS software can help you get there.

mms services by Mobile Text Alerts

What is MMS Messaging?

“MMS” stands for “multimedia messaging service” and simply means texts that include media.

Most of the time, MMS messaging would refer to texts that specifically have images attached. In contrast, SMS (which means “short messaging service,” AKA “regular texting”) does not have capabilities to include images or other media.

Not only can MMS messaging include images, it can also include significantly more characters per message (up to 1,600 characters) than “regular” SMS (160 characters).

The ability to include images as well as longer messaging content gives you more flexibility with how you can use MMS for your business or organization.

an example of mms services

Have a quick update for your customers? SMS would be just fine. Something a little more elaborate - a graphic detailing a promotion or a longer explanation of a new service, for example - would warrant the use of MMS instead.

People love visuals, and people love texting. And with MMS picture messages, you get the best of both of these worlds: by sending texts with graphics attached, you have the appeal of attractive visuals in addition to the accessibility and effectiveness of texting.

So what is MMS messaging, and how does it compare to SMS? See below for a summary.

sms messaging vs. mms messaging infographic MMS messaging allows you to send text and images together in a single text message. SMS does not have image capabilities.

Get the Mobile App!

With Mobile Text Alerts, you’re able to log right in from your computer and send bulk MMS without having to download any apps or programs. But there are times when you need to get a message out quickly and don’t have the time or capacity to get to a computer. With the mobile app, you can pull out your phone and send a quick message whenever it’s convenient for you.

Why Text Your Customers and Leads?

Higher Read Rate

Texts have a read rate as high as 99%.

Better Response

People respond to texts 5x more than emails, social posts, phone calls or any other form of digital communication.

More Conversions

The conversion rate for building loyalty and marketing lists via texts is 85-90%.

What Can I Do With MMS Software?

Attach Images

Attach images (from your computer, phone, or other device) to any of the mass text messages that you send to your leads and customers.

Create Longer Messages

Input longer messaging content (up to 1550 characters) without concern about the message splitting up.

Monitor Analytics

See analytics on clicks for links included in your message, to help you determine the success of your campaign.

How Can MMS Software Benefit My Business?

Use MMS picture messaging to earn new sales:

  • Pique your lead’s interest by including images of your product in sales follow-ups
  • Increase professionalism when texting leads by attaching your company’s logo
  • Drive up responses to your text promotion by accompanying it with an attractive graphic

Use MMS software to boost repeat business:

mms auto-reply for a fitness program

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