Reach Your Entire Audience with Phone Alerts

business woman receives phone alert

What are Phone Alerts?

As unlikely as it might seem, not everyone has a cellular phone with SMS messaging capabilities. With a text service alone, these people will be unreached. Phone Alerts are a great way to make sure even these people still get immediate access to your notifications.

How Does it Work?

Record voice messages and then send them out to your subscribers as a phone call (unlike your text service which will not include extensive voice capabilities).

Step 1

Record Your Message

Step 2

Select Your Recipients

Step 3

Send the Call


How Much Does It Cost?

Phone Alerts plans are as follows:

500 calls/month$15/month
2,000 calls/month$48/month
5,000 calls/month$115/month
10,000 calls/month$222/month

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